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By Dave Fratello | March 20th, 2019

We are happy to announce a change on the business side here at MBC.

For most of 6 years, Dave Fratello has operated under the company name Confidential Realty. (Before that, The Real Group.) He's been the broker for Confidential since 2017.

Now our real estate business will be operated under Edge. That caption, Real Estate Agency, is both what we are and what we practice.

This change is part of a retooling, most of which won't be visible to MB Confidential users. It will make a nice difference for our real estate clients.

While our team here is already effective and innovative on the online and marketing fronts - you could say we've been on the cutting edge for a while - some new partnerships we're developing will help take us to another level.

Our goal is to continue providing great service, offering both seller and buyer clients an edge in this market with the best information and strategies.

What's Changing with Edge

Our team is growing, but not too much. We value the intimate, in-person, boutique-level service we provide now.

You'll see and hear more from us around Manhattan Beach, throughout the South Bay and online.

Our ability to devise and implement marketing strategies with Edge will be even better. Our network is getting broader.

Confidential Realty will remain as a separate brand, mainly to focus on discreet and off-market transactions.

What's Not Changing

MB Confidential is not going anywhere. This is now Year 13 for MBC, and we believe, like you, that it's a vital community resource.

You probably know that we're always adjusting the MBC website, trying to innovate and improve. (Hey, new logo!) No one offers anything even close, but we're never satisfied. Watch for new features this year.

On the business side, our clients always get the benefit of a direct connection with Dave and the team. We're always reachable and hands-on.

A Word of Thanks

We appreciate your interest in Manhattan Beach real estate and MB Confidential. We do love to meet and hear from our longtime readers.

We love working with MBC readers, too. Please consider us first when you’re ready to buy or sell.

Many of our clients began as MBC users and later hired us when it was time to make a move. This has helped build a business, and we are grateful.

Now, under Edge, perhaps we'll meet just a few more of you, and work just a little bit better for you.

Thank you!

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