Plenty of $6M Houses

By Dave Fratello | April 10th, 2018

218 N Dianthus Street Manhattan Beach CAThe market for homes above $6M is rare air.

But finding a home in Manhattan Beach priced above $6M right now isn't so hard.

If that's your budget, you've got plenty of choices.

Out of the 18 homes listed below, there are 11 that aren't on The Strand and are essentially move-in ready (even if a buyer might want to update).

Out of the 11 move-in-ready homes, most (6) are in the Hill Section.

100 N Dianthus Street Manhattan Beach CANote: The borderline case of 100 N. Dianthus is one we're counting here as move-in-ready, partly out of wishing to see someone update, but preserve, that custom 80s courtyard home. Its large corner view lot could prove to be more valuable than the house itself, but our preservation instincts are tugged upon by this one. (Note: Soon after this post went live, 100 N. Dianthus cut its price from $6.500M to $5.999M, but we'll still count it as a $6M home.)

So, who's supposed to be buying these homes? (Rhetorical question.)

There's charm and wonder to the large Southwestern view home with pool and climbing wall at 233 Anderson (5br/6ba, 6790 sqft.), asking $6.495M.

There is almost everything to love about a masterpiece of a house at 617 Anderson (6br/8ba, 6450 sqft.), asking $6.999M, except maybe some of the photos (vertical? please no). 

The magestic Italianate at 218 N. Dianthus? (Pictured at the top.) Sure. (Asking $6.395M.)

304 N Ardmore Avenue Manhattan Beach CAAnd so it goes, through the list, up to and including new construction at 304 N. Dianthus (5br/6ba, 6350 sqft., asking $7.199M).

If you want the big house and/or the great location, you can get those things for a $6M+ budget.

Look outside the Hill Section, and you might find a house on a lower walkstreet (224 29th at $6.200M, 130 19th at $9.250M or 125 17th at $7.850M), or a radically revamped townhouse near the water (508 Manhattan Ave., $6.500M).

Even though there are all those listings to look at, there's only one home at $6M+ in escrow today (621 8th, listed at $7.195M), and only 2 have closed on the public market here in 2018 above $6M (624 9th at $8.050M and 3405 Manhattan Ave. at $6.450M). A couple more sold off-market.

There were 24 public-market sales in 2017 at $6M or higher, including Strand properties.

This is not to say there's no demand, but buyers at this tier increasingly seem to have been patient, and may be rewarded for that.

Here's a list of all Manhattan Beach homes publicly listed for sale over $6M as of today. As always, there are more off-market or in a pre-market status we're hearing about also. (The display will automatically update. Email subscribers will need to view the post in a browser to see the listings.)

Welcome To 420 5th Street, From The Exterior To...


420 5th Street

Manhattan Beach, CA

  • 5 BR
  • 7 BA
  • 4,282 SqFt.
  • 2,699 Lot



DOM: 67

5br / 7ba
Sq. ft.:
142 - Manhattan Bch Sand
Manhattan Beach
Address 300 N Dianthus Street BD/BA 6br/6ba SQFT 5500 sqft LOT 7565 PRICE $6,799,000 $PSF $1,236 DOM 53 DOM START $ $6,999,000 START 10/06/21
Address 420 5th Street BD/BA 5br/7ba SQFT 4282 sqft LOT 2699 PRICE $6,845,000 $PSF $1,599 DOM 67 DOM START $ $6,845,000 START 09/22/21
Address 424 20th Street BD/BA 8br/10ba SQFT 6073 sqft LOT 5148 PRICE $6,995,000 $PSF $1,152 DOM 207 DOM START $ $6,995,000 START 05/05/21
Address 235 No. Dianthus Street BD/BA 5br/5ba SQFT 5700 sqft LOT 6500 PRICE $7,900,000 $PSF $1,386 DOM 142 DOM START $ $9,300,000 START 06/18/21
Address 2522 The Strand BD/BA 3br/4ba SQFT 2740 sqft LOT 3498 PRICE $8,500,000 $PSF $3,102 DOM 126 DOM START $ $8,500,000 START 08/11/21
Address 219 Anderson Street BD/BA 6br/7ba SQFT 6483 sqft LOT 8141 PRICE $8,950,000 $PSF $1,381 DOM 59 DOM START $ $10,000,000 START 09/30/21
Address 224 29th Street BD/BA 5br/6ba SQFT 5219 sqft LOT 3155 PRICE $8,999,000 $PSF $1,724 DOM 194 DOM START $ $9,500,000 START 05/18/21
Address 868 9th Street BD/BA 5br/6ba SQFT 5526 sqft LOT 5795 PRICE $8,999,000 $PSF $1,628 DOM 163 DOM START $ $9,868,000 START 06/18/21
Address 825 Highview Avenue BD/BA 4br/5ba SQFT 5000 sqft LOT 5346 PRICE $8,999,000 $PSF $1,800 DOM 27 DOM START $ $8,999,000 START 11/01/21
Address 808 The Strand BD/BA 4br/5ba SQFT 2911 sqft LOT 5070 PRICE $10,990,000 $PSF $3,775 DOM 121 DOM START $ $11,695,000 START 07/30/21
Address 2415 Manhattan Avenue BD/BA 3br/5ba SQFT 4275 sqft LOT 2705 PRICE $12,000,000 $PSF $2,807 DOM 172 DOM START $ $12,000,000 START 04/07/21
Address 2804 The Strand BD/BA 3br/4ba SQFT 3469 sqft LOT 3481 PRICE $16,499,000 $PSF $4,756 DOM 60 DOM START $ $16,499,000 START 09/29/21


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