Poll Results: Deals or No Deals?

By Dave Fratello | April 3rd, 2009
The other day MBC asked if any homes among 6 in the Tree Section priced near $1.5m were "deals" or not.

Mostly, readers said "not."

Almost two-thirds of respondents (62%) chose "No Deals" instead of any of the homes listed.

On the brighter side, a bit of a consensus emerged. If a home on the list is a deal, however qualified, it's 3210 Ardmore. That's because it's big (5br/4ba, 3500 sq. ft.), down about 25% from its start price and a great home.

If Ardmore were priced any lower than $1.525m it might have done better than 21%.

The runner-up here was 1800 Poinsettia, doing a bit better in the poll, at 12%, than the rest of the bunch, which really generated no enthusiasm.

What's potentially interesting about a poll like this is the snapshot in time it provides. How were certain homes priced in Spring 2009, and what happens next? We'll watch.


UPDATE: After a skeptical comment on this post, we've decided to watch for some specific outcomes with the 6 homes listed in the poll. If 4-5 of them quit or sell for 10% less than their list prices at the time of the poll, we'll consider the responses to have been "right." If most of these sell and go for discounts of less than 10% off their prices at the time of the poll, then the mass of voters was "wrong" on this one. There's something specific we can track.

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