Post-Labor Day: A Time for Cuts

By Dave Fratello | September 13th, 2018

This is a time of year when the market heats up again after a Summer slumber.

You've got 6-10 weeks after Labor Day to maybe make a sale.

There are new listings coming out, some held back from Summer to wait for the calendar to flip.

But if you've got an existing listing that hasn't sold yet, mid-September is when you make price cuts.

We count 16 listings (out of 104) that have made cuts in the past week or so, plus a few more that have pulled a bogus re-list (canceling the old listing in favor of a new one with a fresh DOM clock... grrrrrrr).

We'll call attention to a few right here below, and then supply a list of all the listings in MB to have made a price cut on their current listing (39 out of 104 as of Thursday).

849 10th Street Manhattan Beach CA849 10th (5br/5ba, 4350 sqft.) in the Hill Section is a 2005 Mediterranean with fresh paint.

The home has a reverse floorplan, with most living spaces upstairs, but also with the master up there.

Downstairs are 4br in a conventional layout, opening to a kids' den and backyard.

The first time it was listed this year, in June/July they asked $3.950M for the home in largely original (though clean) condition. When it didn't gain traction, 849 10th came off the market so that the exterior could be painted white, as well as much of the darker wood cabinetry inside.

It's a minor transformation that is akin to what a lot of homeowners and home sellers are doing these days, giving Mediterraneans a fresher look. It works, though the listing has cut $100K to $3.850M.

211 Aviation Place Manhattan Beach CA211 Aviation Place (3br/3ba, 1750 sqft.) and 229 Aviation Place (3br/3ba, 1750 sqft.) are two condos in the same complex east of Aviation Blvd., the "Manhattan Pointe" set of homes that have the feel of row houses in a little community unto itself.

This complex saw two sales early this year at $1.170M, so 229 tried at $1.170M and 211 tried at $1.150M.

Both have since re-listed (in one case changing agents) and have cut to $1.099M each.

Not a lot usually distinguishes one Manhattan Pointe condo from another, so these two units are in a race of sorts to find whatever the new market level is for the complex.

915 Duncan Avenue Manhattan Beach CA915 Duncan (5br/7ba, 4635 sqft.) is new construction in the Hill Section with over 300 DOM combined across a few listings, including a change of agents.

It began at $6.150M exactly one year ago, re-launched at $5.850M in April and actually had a deal for a while in July this year.

The latest cut of $200K puts this one at $5.650M

220 23rd (3br/4ba, 1800 sqft.) is an ocean-view SFR that west of Highland that began in late July at $3.225M.

Launch in Summer, and things may go slowly for you.

This one has needed 3 cuts so far, two of $50K each, and a recent post-Labor-Day cut of $100K to $3.025M.

Below we provide an automatically updating list of all homes for sale in Manhattan Beach with price cuts. Those within the past week will have a label over them of "Recent Price Cut." (Email subscribers will have to view this post in a browser to see the listings.)

Newest Price Cuts in Manhattan Beach

Address 320 23rd Street BD/BA 3br/4ba SQFT 1783 sqft LOT 2700 PRICE $2,999,000 $PSF $1,682 DOM 69 DOM START $ $3,195,000 START 09/20/21
Address 561 33rd Street BD/BA 5br/6ba SQFT 3782 sqft LOT 5396 PRICE $3,990,000 $PSF $1,055 DOM 45 DOM START $ $4,150,000 START 10/14/21
Address 417 34th Place BD/BA 3br/4ba SQFT 1869 sqft LOT 1801 PRICE $2,499,000 $PSF $1,337 DOM 56 DOM START $ $2,599,000 START 10/03/21
Address 300 N Dianthus Street BD/BA 6br/6ba SQFT 5500 sqft LOT 7565 PRICE $6,799,000 $PSF $1,236 DOM 53 DOM START $ $6,999,000 START 10/06/21
Address 808 The Strand BD/BA 4br/5ba SQFT 2911 sqft LOT 5070 PRICE $10,990,000 $PSF $3,775 DOM 121 DOM START $ $11,695,000 START 07/30/21
Address 2707 N Poinsettia Avenue BD/BA 5br/6ba SQFT 4400 sqft LOT 4460 PRICE $4,649,000 $PSF $1,057 DOM 115 DOM START $ $4,895,000 START 07/22/21
Address 440 31st Street BD/BA 5br/4ba SQFT 3600 sqft LOT 2694 PRICE $3,799,000 $PSF $1,055 DOM 178 DOM START $ $4,100,000 START 06/03/21
Address 219 Anderson Street BD/BA 6br/7ba SQFT 6483 sqft LOT 8141 PRICE $8,950,000 $PSF $1,381 DOM 59 DOM START $ $10,000,000 START 09/30/21
Address 757 Manhattan Beach Boulevard BD/BA 2br/3ba SQFT 1986 sqft LOT 7711 PRICE $2,199,000 $PSF $1,107 DOM 81 DOM START $ $2,249,000 START 09/08/21
Address 2404 Highland Avenue BD/BA 2br/2ba SQFT 976 sqft LOT 1740 PRICE $1,999,000 $PSF $2,048 DOM 228 DOM START $ $2,250,000 START 03/24/21
Address 224 29th Street BD/BA 5br/6ba SQFT 5219 sqft LOT 3155 PRICE $8,999,000 $PSF $1,724 DOM 194 DOM START $ $9,500,000 START 05/18/21
Address 201 15th Street BD/BA 6br/3ba SQFT 2093 sqft LOT 2701 PRICE $3,599,000 $PSF $1,720 DOM 555 DOM START $ $4,550,000 START 04/22/20
Address 200 15th Street BD/BA 7br/6ba SQFT 3084 sqft LOT 2844 PRICE $4,199,000 $PSF $1,362 DOM 555 DOM START $ $4,950,000 START 04/22/20
Address 235 No. Dianthus Street BD/BA 5br/5ba SQFT 5700 sqft LOT 6500 PRICE $7,900,000 $PSF $1,386 DOM 142 DOM START $ $9,300,000 START 06/18/21
Address 868 9th Street BD/BA 5br/6ba SQFT 5526 sqft LOT 5795 PRICE $8,999,000 $PSF $1,628 DOM 163 DOM START $ $9,868,000 START 06/18/21
Address 117 Crest Drive BD/BA 4br/5ba SQFT 2520 sqft LOT 1666 PRICE $4,399,000 $PSF $1,746 DOM 110 DOM START $ $4,495,000 START 06/17/21
Address 522 Rosecrans Avenue BD/BA 3br/2ba SQFT 1092 sqft LOT 3006 PRICE $1,599,000 $PSF $1,464 DOM 166 DOM START $ $1,699,000 START 06/15/21
Address 404 17th Street BD/BA 3br/3ba SQFT 3149 sqft LOT 2636 PRICE $4,399,000 $PSF $1,397 DOM 201 DOM START $ $4,600,000 START 05/11/21

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