Prime Sand Section Lot Sells

By Dave Fratello | May 19th, 2015

When all is said and done at 217 27th, and we mean way down the road, you can expect to see a new landmark for midtown Manhattan Beach.

217 27th Street Manhattan Beach CALooming over Bruce's Beach park, the current, obsolete structure gets pretty terrific views.

The next structure is sure to be designed to rock it.

We realize that this little 400-pixel image of the views (or a smaller image, on your phone) isn't able to convey much. But trust us.

If you know Manhattan Beach, if you know ocean views, if you know Bruce's Beach Park and its expansive, wide-open ocean views, and if you know the value of all these things combined, it's rather easy to see why elite money – big dollars – would chase this particular plot.

The potential for a new home with unobstructable views is unlimited.

217 27th Street Manhattan Beach CAThe steep elevation of 27th Street coming up off the county lifeguard station is notable, and gives all homes along the upslope nice views even if they do have neighbors.

Here, with an alley on one side and a park on the other, there are no neighbors. (And no, they won't be selling off Bruce's Beach Park any time soon to build affordable housing units.)

The start price on this super-prime lot – which happens not to be a full-size Sand Section lot (2400 sqft. instead of 2700 sqft.) – was $3.995M.

But $4M was merely a suggestion. This is one of those must-have properties that people hope to see for years.

The sky's a big part of the view. And the sky's the limit on where the sale could end up.

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