Recently Bought? Or Sold? Why?

By Dave Fratello | May 18th, 2008
There's little doubt that our local RE market has changed recently.

MBC's perception is that the go-go times ended somewhere in 2006, roughly, though prices have only recently begun to degrade noticeably. (More on that later this week, with more DataQuick charts.)

If you're an MBC reader, you've got an above-average level of interest in the state of the local market, and its future. But we know the homeownership status of MBC readers varies widely.

For instance, in comments and private email, we hear from people who are longtime local homeowners, others who are actively looking, folks who have decided to wait, and plenty who have bought or sold homes recently.

So where do you fit? If you have bought or sold a home within the last 2 years, we're particularly interested in your reasoning. Did you perceive a change in the market, and did that play any role in your decisions? Be as specific as you can.

Please vote in the poll, too. There are 4 options: Tell us whether you have, in the past 2 years (May 2006-present), bought a home in MB, sold a home in MB, or stayed put in MB (specify renting or owning). If you both bought and sold in this period, go by the last transaction (i.e., a move-up seller/buyer would be a buyer).

Privately, we've heard from recent buyers of a Sand Section townhome, who told MBC they're "super happy" with their purchase of a "nice home in a great location" after more than 2 years of searching in their price range. We've heard the inside story on some recent short sales. We've heard from people searching for lots and buying new homes at a substantial discount.

In comments at MBC, particularly, you'll hear from people who have sold homes recently – sometimes a personal residence, in other cases a second home in MB held for some time as an investment. Many attribute their decisions to the change in the market. Some are profit-takers, others, perhaps, market-timers hoping to buy back in at lower prices some day.

Whatever your situation, please offer parts of your story here. And please consider creating a nickname via "Name/URL" – no URL necessary – just so we can track and refer to your comments here on this post.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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