Regrets, We Have a Few

Posted by Dave Fratello on Saturday, October 27th, 2007 at 6:02am.

One kind of regret you'll have if you try to keep up with the news is the regret that comes from missing something.

Oh, dear readers, we missed something today: A cocktail-hour open house Friday evening at a home we featured earlier in the week – 2404 Palm (click for details and dreadful pics).

Absolute RE marketing brilliance, and we missed it. Also, a chance to provide free libations for our loyal readers...

Look, we've been busy with our real work, non-RE stuff, and we only just now got to the Beach Reporter ad teasing a:
Special Cocktail Hour Showing
2404 Palm Ave.
Fri. Oct. 26th from 6-7pm
OK, we've copped to missing it. But tipsters, tipplers – where were y'all?!?

Anyone make it to the booziest public open we're aware of?
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