Regrets, We Have a Few

By Dave Fratello | October 27th, 2007
One kind of regret you'll have if you try to keep up with the news is the regret that comes from missing something.

Oh, dear readers, we missed something today: A cocktail-hour open house Friday evening at a home we featured earlier in the week – 2404 Palm (click for details and dreadful pics).

Absolute RE marketing brilliance, and we missed it. Also, a chance to provide free libations for our loyal readers...

Look, we've been busy with our real work, non-RE stuff, and we only just now got to the Beach Reporter ad teasing a:
Special Cocktail Hour Showing
2404 Palm Ave.
Fri. Oct. 26th from 6-7pm
OK, we've copped to missing it. But tipsters, tipplers – where were y'all?!?

Anyone make it to the booziest public open we're aware of?

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