Romancing the DOM

By Dave Fratello | July 7th, 2011
As Tree Section properties go, 2322 Laurel Bluff (4br/4ba, 3300 sq. ft.) is somewhat different. It's one of just a few homes built out along a private drive off Laurel, just above Ardmore.

We reviewed the home back in early May, when the listing was new. Or was it? 

Because 2322 Laurel Bluff is back, after a period off market of... well, less than zero.

The new listing you'll see now popped up 45 minutes before the May 2011 listing "expired."

The new "DOM": 1. Actual DOM: 62. (To be fair, the "combined days on market (CDOM)" figure seen by agents still says 62.) 

Was there something new in this re-list? Price is exactly the same as the start at $1.715m. Same agent(s). We're not seeing the newness, except that new MLS #.

Since we're all into recycling, here's a recap of just a couple of relevant points from our May review:

Neighbor 2326 Laurel Bluff (4br/4ba, 3175 sq. ft.) had a more straightforward layout and was much more intricately tricked out with recent updates, even qualifying for a past Snoops tour. It sold in August last year for $1.785m, just $75k more than 2322 is asking now. (Curiously, 2326 was marketed last year as "Villa Romanza," and now that same marketing label is applied by the same agent to 2322. Is every Laurel Bluff home "Villa Romanza?")

This home traded a couple of times quickly, early last decade – $1.675m in Dec. 2002 and $1.770m in Dec. 2003. This year's price is, thus, right between 2002-2003.
Let's see if a new MLS # is just what the doctor ordered.

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