A Serious Look at Inventory

By Dave Fratello | July 15th, 2007
A new fruit of the detailed tracking MBC does under separate cover at our sister site, Manhattan Beach Market Update, is a series of graphs showing inventory and changes since Spring. (Click here for the complete story and all graphs.)

As is our custom, the data show what's been happening in each of the three regions west of Sepulveda (Hill, Sand and Trees) separately, plus the whole of MB (west of Sepulveda) in sum.

What do we see?

Modest spikes in listings since mid-May, and a remarkably even number of sales in each 2-week period for the whole west-of-Hwy.-1 area – 10-12 sales each period being the norm.

If this is the sort of thing you find interesting, MBC encourages you to read the nerdy fine print in the Market Update story at least once. When we post future graphs it'll be clearer to you what the data do, or don't, say.

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