Shortie Gets Stolen

By Dave Fratello | June 30th, 2011
They did finally find a buyer for 421 26th (3br/3ba, 2900 sq. ft.), a late-70s "contemporary" (but hey, it ain't the 70s anymore) that was once a showpiece and now had become a major project.

The home was offered short as of Labor Day last year, starting at $1.449m – called an "auction price" on the flyer. That didn't draw multiple bids, though. A buyer did come in later, but walked partway through the short sale process.

In April this year, in "Steal This Shortie," we noted that the price had come down to $1.299m, pretty amazing for almost 3000 sq. ft. in a decent location on the plateau.

The sale has now closed for $1.240m, after the main lienholder declared, "lower the price and blow it out."

Find us another listing in the Sand that has sold for $427/PSF!

We've noted before that the home has a (long-ago) history as a Sophisticated Snoop tour show home, but now simply "shows its age." It has a "chopped-up, puzzle-like layout was just too daring and challenging to be near what most buyers would want now," we noted.

Now it's someone's project. Working with that layout, the custom windows, and everything that needs help will be a fascinating process. But if you start out low enough, it just may be worth it.

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