Stanley Cup Rally Near MB Monday

By Dave Fratello | June 22nd, 2012
While the city of MB and residents have pushed for an event here in town (including via our online petition), the first chance for beach cities residents to see the Stanley Cup in a public event will be this coming Monday, June 25, in Hermosa.

At 11:00am they'll drive the Cup down Pier Ave. toward (what else) the Pier Plaza, for a rally starting around 11:15am. (Here's the press release from the Hermosa Chamber of Commerce.)

At about 11:45am they'll drive the Cup up The Strand toward MB.

That's a cool photo op... ice hockey icon at the beach in Summer.

Worth crossing the border for, wouldn't you say?

Congrats to the Kings, thanks to all of you who signed the online petition and thanks to our co-sponsor on the petition,!

We know your petition signatures and the city of MB's efforts added pressure on the Kings to do a public event like this in the area. What's missing: No individual photos with the Cup in Hermosa. See, we've still got something to hold out for.

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