Strand Corner Beauty Nets $15.4M

By Dave Fratello | September 8th, 2017

Let's take the chance to appreciate a special Strand home on occasion of its sale.

3420 The Strand Manhattan Beach CA3420 The Strand (5br/6ba, 5500 sqft.) is a custom 2003-built corner-lot Cape Cod.

That's an awfully nice spot along the walkstreet, with (of course) unblockable views.

The listing description calls it a "premier Oceanfront Masterpiece" where "no expense has been spared in executing the finest craftsmanship and detail." The home is labeled "Seaside Architecture as Art" and "a once-in-a-generation opportunity."

3420 The Strand Manhattan Beach CA3420 The Strand Manhattan Beach CAHumble? Not really. But if you can back it up, who needs humility?

With $15.400M in greenbacks, a buyer has agreed with the bold claims about the home. It was a must have.

Was the seller a bit ambitious to list it at $17.995M to begin? OK, sure. 

The discussion of dollars, however, later turned to something of a rational appeal to the would-be Strand owner: "elite Strand construction" can take 3 years, see, and at a reduced price, this one was already (perhaps) below replacement cost. So if this is what you want, went the argument, here's your one and only chance.

As we noted, they found that person who agreed, more or less (the buyer took $1.1M off the last list price), and this one became one of the top 3 sales of a move-in-ready home on The Strand in the past 3 years.

We'll post more photos here and down below, under the pics, you'll see all of the Strand sales of the past 3 years together in date order, most recent first. (Email subscribers will have to view the post on the website to see those.)

3420 The Strand Manhattan Beach CA3420 The Strand Manhattan Beach CA


Manhattan Beach Strand Sales in the Past 3 Years

Address 4018 The Strand BD/BA 3br/5ba SQFT 3115 sqft LOT 0 PRICE $7,600,000 $PSF $2,440 DOM 0 DOM SOLD SOLD 10/28/22 START $ $7,600,000 START 10/28/22
Address 1900 The Strand BD/BA 2br/3ba SQFT 3635 sqft LOT 3328 PRICE $15,573,900 $PSF $4,284 DOM 9 DOM SOLD SOLD 08/31/22 START $ $15,900,000 START 08/31/22
Address 4114 The Strand BD/BA 4br/6ba SQFT 2250 sqft LOT 3507 PRICE $4,125,000 $PSF $1,833 DOM 18 DOM SOLD SOLD 08/19/22 START $ $4,150,000 START 08/19/22
Address 1208 The Strand A BD/BA 2br/2ba SQFT 1190 sqft LOT 3317 PRICE $4,850,000 $PSF $4,076 DOM 20 DOM SOLD SOLD 08/02/22 START $ $4,999,000 START 08/02/22
Address 1516 The Strand BD/BA 4br/4ba SQFT 4953 sqft LOT 3330 PRICE $16,200,000 $PSF $3,271 DOM 153 DOM SOLD SOLD 07/28/22 START $ $17,500,000 START 07/28/22
Address 2804 The Strand BD/BA 3br/4ba SQFT 2932 sqft LOT 3481 PRICE $12,700,000 $PSF $4,332 DOM 274 DOM SOLD SOLD 07/21/22 START $ $16,499,000 START 07/21/22
Address 614 The Strand BD/BA 4br/3ba SQFT 2128 sqft LOT 3406 PRICE $11,500,000 $PSF $5,404 DOM 76 DOM SOLD SOLD 07/11/22 START $ $13,000,000 START 07/11/22
Address 4314 The Strand BD/BA 3br/4ba SQFT 2649 sqft LOT 3506 PRICE $5,175,000 $PSF $1,954 DOM 12 DOM SOLD SOLD 05/11/22 START $ $5,275,000 START 05/11/22
Address 2220 The Strand BD/BA 3br/3ba SQFT 1552 sqft LOT 3498 PRICE $4,700,000 $PSF $3,028 DOM 21 DOM SOLD SOLD 05/05/22 START $ $5,500,000 START 05/05/22
Address 4320 The Strand BD/BA 3br/6ba SQFT 3592 sqft LOT 1558 PRICE $10,755,000 $PSF $2,994 DOM 23 DOM SOLD SOLD 03/25/22 START $ $10,795,000 START 03/25/22
Address 4104 The Strand BD/BA 3br/2ba SQFT 1948 sqft LOT 3493 PRICE $6,230,000 $PSF $3,198 DOM 21 DOM SOLD SOLD 02/02/22 START $ $6,499,000 START 02/02/22


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