That's 14 Years of MB Confidential

By Dave Fratello | March 9th, 2021

Hey, we'd like to steal your attention for just a minute of celebration.

Manhattan Beach Confidential is now 14 years old!

What that means is, for some crazy reason, all that time ago, we booted up a new Google Blogger account, put together some rudimentary design elements, and started clacking on keys to talk about Manhattan Beach real estate.

Fast forward a bit, and things have changed. The internet is no longer anonymous, so neither is this blog, nor are any comments.

Dave moved from a 20-year-plus career in advertising to local real estate, full-time.

Now, day to day, we're so busy with clients buying and selling locally, we've joined a tech-forward brokerage network, rebranded the real estate practice as Edge, hired new agents and staff and built out a nice little office. The days are long, and the work does not stop.

MB Confidential serves as our introduction to most new real estate clients of Edge. But often, we're not "new" to one another at all. The clients will say they've been reading MBC and using its many tools to track the market for 3 years, 10 years, "since the beginning." Or they were referred by a longtime reader or user of the website. It's cool.

What we've built here, we'll keep building and refining. We created MBC way-back-when because we wished that someone would please get the data and the truth out there about local real estate. No one was doing it, so we took our shot.

Now, our vintage 2007-2012 hand-crafted Excel spreadsheets about local real estate are replaced by our twice-monthly online market updates, and tools like the MB Dashboard and the MB Property Ticker. We still have the best local search around.

The landscape is better today for real estate information, but there is plenty of room for innovation and hyper-local focus like we can offer here on MBC. Watch this year, we're building more and better.

Thank you for your attention, your feedback and your support! Onward for another trip around the sun!

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