Update on 45th & Highland

By Dave Fratello | May 22nd, 2007
Some time ago, MBC discussed new construction at one of the least desirable Manhattan Beach locations, 4419 Highland Ave.

Optimists might call it "The Gateway to Manhattan Beach," since it's the first house drivers pass coming from the north via Highland Ave.

Realists will note that the lot is very tiny, on a terribly busy street, and has a gas station for a neighbor. Yes, you can see the ocean, but you can also see a power plant, electrical lines and the Chevron refinery tank farm. Long lines of rush hour traffic snake by slowly, six feet from the house, for 3 hours every weeknight.

This home, still actively under construction (we checked after a commenter suggested there was a halt), is now listed for sale at $1.695m. This is only found in a print ad in the Beach Reporter thus far.

That list price is just a teeny bump up from the projected sale price once listed on a special website dedicated to selling this house – $1.650m. (Alas, that site, referenced in the earlier MBC article, is now defunct. But the info can be found by Googling "4419 Highland" and pulling up the cached copy.)

We're guessing that no one took the builder up on his offer, on Craigslist, to sell the project partway through for $1.4m.

Of course, we're really curious as to whether someone will pay $1.7, or $1.5, or $1.0m, for that matter, to live here.

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