Views Sure Do Sell

By Dave Fratello | March 25th, 2021

Manhattan Beach is a beach town. (There it is, right in the name.)

As such, people looking for real estate here often start out wanting an ocean view.

Prices often become a factor, and the limitations on what counts as an ocean view from many lower walkstreet properties can be disappointing at times. "You want $8 million for a view I can only get from the front deck?"

An unobstructed, and unobstructable, ocean view is a whole different matter.

219 27th Street Manhattan Beach CA219 27th has one of those views. And what a doozy.

Any south-facing panoramic view toward Palos Verdes and Catalina is among the most treasured in our marketplace.

The fact that this view from 219 27th rolls out over grassy Bruce's Beach Park is a bonus.

That's city property - the lifeguard station is county property - and for so long as the city keeps the land designated for use as a park*, that's a guaranteed view.

219 27th Street Manhattan Beach CAThe view is so big, you can see ocean and PV from the rear part of the front unit of the 1970s duplex now on site.

Here's guessing that the next owner won't have much use for the period piece on site now. Too much land value.

The next-door neighbor at 217 27th, a corner lot, hit the market 6 years ago with a 1930s structure on it. That old place is gone now, replaced by a new build. The lot had traded way-back-when for $4.100M, $105K over asking before the new build.

All these years later, 219 27th came out asking "only" $4.250M, not much more than the neighbor's past sale price.

At just 12 DOM, the property was under contract. We'll see where that number ends up, but it's a good sign for the sellers that it went fast.

Big, big unblockable* views are like that. People have to have 'em.



* While there is plenty of fresh controversy around Bruce's Beach Park, and the history of the land where it stands, there do not appear to be credible, current plans to develop the park land in any way. City Council's most recent action was to disband a Bruce's Beach Task Force, while 1) approving creation of new artwork on the history of Bruce's Beach; 2) voting to create new plaques on the site; and 3) allowing a history subcommittee to finalize its work, once additional documents become available. It's worth noting that 219 27th listed just before City Council's action, and went under contract just after.

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