What A Coat of Paint Can Do

By Dave Fratello | October 25th, 2013

For a good chunk of 2013, the Manhattan Village townhome at 10 Sausalito Circle had a hard time selling.

And now? It's gone.

For most of its run on the market, 4+ months, this 3br/3ba, 1900 sq. ft. Plan 6 condo looked pretty much the part of an original 1980s creation. There had been some improvements (no more fluorescent kitchen lights, new granite counters, newer flooring), but the unit seemed to want more. And it seemed a bit dark.

Was there interest earlier this year? Yes. But they couldn't settle on a price that worked for buyer and seller.

The listing launched at $1.200M, then dropped gradually to $1.099M, where it was when it cancelled 3 weeks ago.

After that, the kitchen cabinets got a coat of white point – no more dark oak, now a more modern look. They may have refreshed other elements a bit, but there were no fundamental changes. The new agent brought in staging, and voila!

This one is in escrow now, with the list price still at $1.099M, even before the first brokers' open house.

We're pretty sure the Village has regulations against burying St. Joseph statues. So it looks like, for luck, you need a can of paint, and maybe a little more.

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