What Can Sell 872 MBB?

By Dave Fratello | November 30th, 2007
If you hear there's a home for sale that's literally on Manhattan Beach Blvd., you're going to be skeptical.

And then you get the pictures. Ugh.

A new listing for an SFR on MBB (872 Manhattan Beach Blvd.) wastes its first three photos by turning off potential buyers. (Click address for pics and details via Redfin.)

We're showing you #1 here – the (happily) fresh garage door. This is your curb appeal, by the way.

#2 shows the cavernous storage area, and #3 features the somewhat spare grass in the back yard.

Did we mention that the sellers would like $1.247m of your hard-earned money? Actually, no, we hadn't yet. That'll get you 3br/2ba and 1275 sq. ft.

Seems pricey? Well, it's – gulp – technically, the Hill Section.

But you see, you're not just paying for the house – you can redevelop the property into an office building, thanks to the zoning. Oh, so I needn't worry that there's a house there now, thanks, I'll just build a skinny commercial complex.

MBC is obligated to add this detail – the sellers are two-year itchers. They paid $960k in Sept. 2005, according to Redfin, so they're currently seeking a markup of 30% (+$287k) over 2 years.

That's right, they bought at the peak, but still think they deserve 30%. For a property on MBB, zoned commercial, surrounded by commercial, with these pics. Oh, me.

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