What We Don't Need in MB

By Dave Fratello | October 30th, 2007
We interrupt our regularly scheduled real estate commentary with a notice of some concern.

Word is: Britney Spears is "house hunting" in Manhattan Beach. (Source: TMZ.)

Oh Ms. Spears, you confused and frightening thing, this is not your kind of town.

Your lyricists, publicists, record co. execs, lawyers, financial advisers – it's more like their kind of town. A place for entertainment industry people, but not faces.

It's low-key here, and we like it.

The celebs we get here play on cable, or they are team guys who don't draw too much of a spotlight when they're off the clock. (Newport takes guys like Kobe and Rodman. Worth a look!)

If you're going to be a celeb in a small town, you want to know you can go get coffee without a media frenzy. We've got that. Or take the kids to the park – or, hey, the pumpkin races – and be anonymous. That's our style.

It's a family town, Britney, and you're still sort of working on the family part. Guess what? The home doesn't make the family. It works the other way around.

If you go and snap up some majestic Strand house, or a garish Hill Section lair, you're going to ruin things for your neighbors – who, we might note, will be between 6 and 12 feet away from you. (We don't do "gated" or "estates.")

Yes, we're sure you're a willing buyer with cash (albeit with an agenda, too), but we'd really ask that you look farther and wider.

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