When We Say Walkstreet...

By Dave Fratello | April 2nd, 2009
You say you like the walkstreet lifestyle. Down in the South End, where they're flat.

A giant sidewalk separates homes – no cars allowed.

Your front patio opens out to the neighborhood. You meet and greet the neighbors, maybe run an impromptu pot luck from time to time.

For the kids, it's a dream. It's safe to walk the streets, leave your toys out, run over to a neighbor's house without any question.

Yeah, you don't just like the walkstreet lifestyle, you love it.

Now what if we gave you a chance to get in for less than a million bucks?

That's 325 4th. It's up now at $899k. (Click highlighted address for more pics & details via Redfin.)

And now we're going to test your commitment to that walkstreet ideal.

Remember when we said "no cars allowed"?

325 4th is just a half lot. It's the front half, along the walkstreet, which is the right half to have.

But there's this tricky question of where mom's and dad's cars go.

Even if you've gone green and taken the fam down to one Prius, here's hoping you didn't get the plug-in kind. Because, well: no garage.

Really, we're not sure where you park. At least El Porto (er, North Manhattan Beach, er, El Norte) has a public lot where you can get permitted spaces. In the South End?

Looking at this home in particular, of course, 2br/1ba and 650 sq. ft. is not going to accommodate a large family, or maybe anything more than a very intimate young couple. Maybe you'll just have 1 car's problems.

This home was obtained for $718k in Jan. 2008 before a spiffing up. (The listing says "pottery barn perfect," and here we are wondering if Pottery Barn is still in business.) Dare we call this a flip?

You know you love the walkstreets. Don't worry about your car. Sell it! Work at home! Walk to work! Walk everywhere!

We're talking less than a million, folks. Any takers?

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