Yes on MB... for MB

By Dave Fratello | June 4th, 2018

You know the quality of MB schools does a lot to support local property values.

You probably want the schools to do well, at least in part so you can do well.

Now the schools are asking you for a little help, in the form of Measure MB on Tuesday's ballot.

The measure, which exempts people over 65 years old, puts in place a $225 per parcel tax from which all revenue remains local within the MB Unified School District.

Measure MB requires a supermajority of 66.67% to pass, a high hurdle. That means that a few dozen or a few hundred votes could make all the difference. 

You've heard that phrase, "Elections have consequences," right? And these days, you probably say, "Oh yeah, they really do."

Measure MB is one of those "consequential" measures on the ballot.

If it passes, the district avoids layoffs.

Without MB, the budget shortfall next year is too severe. There will be cuts and layoffs. Measure MB is a necessity to preserve what the district provides to local students now.

If you're opposed on principle or for other reasons, you've got the right to that opinion and to express it, naturally.

But if you support MB, and somehow shrug off the importance of voting, find yourself too busy, or feel you don't know enough to vote... you could help the measure fail simply by not showing up.

Don't be that guy (or gal). Every vote counts. Stand up and be counted.

Go yes on MB, and, just as importantly, go vote.

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