2011 Sales Up So Far

By Dave Fratello | September 22nd, 2011
We'll quickly take note of a new data post that Kaye Thomas has just put up looking at the sales pace locally.

She shows in this graph (which we've borrowed) that combined sales of SFRs and THs across all of MB are up in 2011 over last year.

Kaye's data are for Jan. 1-Sept. 15 of each year. We'll do our own run of the numbers when the 3rd quarter ends next week.

In her post, Kaye notes that sales volume is the "highest since 2007." Indeed, this year is at 85% of that bustling year's pace. Pretty amazing when you consider how tight inventory has felt much of the year.

Separating out SFRs in a quick look at the data, we see the same pattern, an uptick of 7% in sales year-over-year.

However, the median price citywide continues to decline year-over-year. When we closed the books on the first half of 2011, the median was down 4%. (See "First Half '11: More Sales, Lower Median.") Now we see it's down 6%, from $1.6m citywide to $1.5m.

Again, we'll look at these numbers indepth in early October, but we appreciate Kaye's analysis, too.

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