Good for Blanche

By Dave Fratello | July 5th, 2017

Something has been happening along Blanche Road in the Trees this year.

2901 Blanche Road Manhattan Beach CAWe covered the surprisingly healthy sale prices achieved in 3 sales at one intersection in "The Hot Corner: 35th/Blanche."

Last year, a corner-lot custom home on a much-oversized lot (8000+ sqft.) at 2100 Blanche sold for a big number: $3.675M, with multiple offers.

And now we're looking at the just-closed sale at 2901 Blanche (pictured throughout this post), again thinking, "Wow, Blanche seems like no deterrent."

At 2901 Blanche, they asked $3.199M, and got more: $3.225M.

2901 Blanche Road Manhattan Beach CAYou don't need this little blog to tell you that Blanche is a busy street.

A home on a busy street would typically take longer to sell and go for less.

2901 Blanche Road Manhattan Beach CAAh, but rules are made so that there can be exceptions. Except, recently, Blanche-facing properties seem to be redefining the rules.

2901 Blanche (5br/5ba, 3340 sqft.) is a 2005 original that's been very nicely upgraded.

Start with a Cape Cod, then modernize it, and you may always have something great in this market. Add the bonus resort-like back patio, and buyers must have.

That was the market's response here. A total of 4 DOM and a new high for Blanche... by quite a bit.

Put aside 2100 Blanche, where the huge lot size makes for difficult comparisons.

3500 Blanche Road Manhattan Beach CAThen you see the accomplishment for 2901 Blanche. At $3.225M, it blows away the recently set record for The Road, 3500 Blanche at $2.595M.

True, 3500 Blanche (4br/4ba, 3400 sqft.) is much closer to Rosecrans, and is built in a custom Spanish style and with one questionable design element: A living room picture window looking straight at The Road.

As a remodeled Cape Cod oriented away from The Road, 2901 Blanche was going to net more than that one.

But 24% more?!? Who knew?

3102 Blanche Road Manhattan Beach CAThe third-place finisher in the Blanche Road sweepstakes so far was 3102 Blanche in late 2015 at $2.480M. This just underscores how well the very recent sale at 2901 stacks up.

That $3.225M closing price on 2901 Blanche puts it on a par with some new construction sales recently, while 3500 Blanche came in priced more like the mid-to-late 2000s Mediterraneans around the Trees.

Another interesting contrast involves two of these homes, using a historical comparison. 

Both 3500 and 2901 Blanche were on the market in 2008.

3500 Blanche was new at the time, built for spec. It needed 4 months, closing at $2.125M in July 2008.

2901 Blanche was 3 years old, sought $2.395M on the market, but canceled in March 2008. A private sale closed in April 2008 at $2.273M

That was just a 7% gap in closed prices at the time. But that gap grew from $150K or so to more than $625K (+24%) this time.

Quick takes: Blanche is doing just fine this year, as are traditional, beachy homes in the Trees.

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