MB Confidential's New Look & Tools

By Dave Fratello | February 26th, 2013

Hey, look. We’ve built something new!

And the change is good, with the new look, feel and function here at MB Confidential.

Building on our tradition of regularly producing insightful analysis of local real estate, we’ve now added the best hyper-local search and data you can find.

You can now search quickly, with one click, by region or subsection of Manhattan Beach.

Say you’re only looking in the Sand Section...

One click on our Sand Section search gives you the active listings in that area only. (Use the "MB Search" dropdown menu.)

You’re wondering how much Tree Section homes have been selling for recently?

One click delivers the past 6 months’ worth of sales in the Trees, listing the newest first. (Use the "MB Sales Data" dropdown menu.)

That’s just a hint of how we’ve designed search functions here. Our goal is to quickly give you what you’re actually looking for – without a fuss.

Play around. You’ll see.

If you have a little bit of a real estate addiction, we think you’ll love the new MB Dashboard. This is a single page that shows the:

  • 5 newest listings,
  • 5 newest deals (properties that have just gone into escrow),
  • 5 newest closed sales, and
  • 5 latest price cuts.

The Dashboard is updated every 5-10 minutes throughout each day.

So you know that question many people carry around: “What’s going on in the Manhattan Beach real estate market?”

It's now answered several times an hour, all day, every day, on the Dashboard.

Tip: This is the kind of page to keep open in its own window and click “refresh” on all day long – if you’re into that sort of thing. (Confession: We are!)

We also spent some serious time redesigning the display of individual properties on the site. As passionate consumers of real estate information online, there's a lot we like, and don't like, about how various websites present listing information. We wanted the display here to be just right. (Plus, we'll keep improving it.)

One of MBC’s most popular features in years past was the MB Market Updates. That feature is back now, in a new form. We’re producing twice-monthly reports on inventory, sales and pending listings – all by subsection of MB, as before. All property addresses will link to listing information from the MLS.

See, for example, the mid-month updates for February – here’s the inventory post for 2/15/13, and here’s a report on pending sales and closed sales, all divided by sections of MB, as of 2/15/13.

One last highlight: We’re also publishing the best single-stop resource for Manhattan Beach rentals.

We know that navigating the rental market in MB remains confusing, especially for those coming here for the first time. We have worked to simplify the process for first-timers and for anyone needing to quickly pull together their options. (Even Manhattan Beach vacation rentals.) See our MB Rental Resources page for more.

In all, this major update to MB Confidential is drawn from the same idea that launched MBC almost 6 years ago: We should all have more, and better, information about local real estate.

If it looks good and it’s fun, well, that’s just gravy.

Please see our blog disclaimer.

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