New Buyer Knocks @ Mid-Century

By Dave Fratello | July 13th, 2015

2412 John Street Manhattan Beach CAThere's only one way to say it: 2412 John (3br/3ba, 1890 sqft.) was an unconventional project for new construction in the Tree Section.

Situated on a prime block – although a tad close to Marine – the new home recently built here dared to be different.

And if you've ever been that weird kid, the nonconformist marching to your own drummer, the type who doesn't really much care how "everyone else" is doing things... then you could easily appreciate this revivalist mid-century marvel.

Actually you don't have to be all that different to smile warmly at a new, eco-friendly home that's bright, open, slick and modern, ready to go.

But the tut-tutting we've heard about this house came out of the fact that it was "undersized."

Oh, imagine that: Someone decided to build one story where there could have been two. (Or three, with a basement.) There's 3br instead of 5. A bold design instead of whatever this year's lowest-common-denominator flavors might be.

We've already written a bit of an appreciation here once, although it was really about the marketing. (See "The Importance of Staging... The Driveway.")

We've also taken note of the listing's struggles at the start price of $2.799M. (See "Getting Out Ahead of the Market.")

The price came down, and a deal was made several weeks back. But that one didn't stick, and the price dropped again... to $2.549M.

It's there that the listing stood when a new buyer came.

As you see the next couple of months' worth of local sales stack up, a $2.5-ish price for 2412 John looks eminently fair for both sides.

We'll see if they can close it this time.

Meanwhile, we'll have to appreciate that, given the experience on the listing, undersized, daring homes will probably remain rare diamonds in the rough.

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