Open Forum (9/10-9/14)

By Dave Fratello | September 10th, 2008
We'll kick off this Open Forum with a little trip down memory lane.

As Labor Day approached, we asked MBC readers to let us know how they had taken advantage of our hometown's ample beach resources this Summer.

The results are in these two graphs (click either one to enlarge), showing the overwhelming popularity of the Strand, Pier and the sunset, wherever you can catch it. Some things don't get old. Great to know.

We're very happy to report that 94% of readers said they went to the beach at least once. No need for a law, then, to require it.

Even better: By more than a 2-to-1 margin, those who went, went more than 5 times. Fine work, team.

In the water, we've got a lot more readers bobbing up and down unassisted than riding sticks of various sizes and purposes. From the look of things, just half the people who go to the beach get in the ocean.

Out of the water, we have a good proportion of runners hitting the pavement and the sand (39% and 28%). Not your average sittin'-around types. And we've got a good volleyball contingent as well.

Before we close, we have to thank Dan90266 for the pic in our "Beach Activities graph." He's got plenty of cool MB stuff on flickr.

As always, please use the "Open Forum" thread for news clips, off-topic questions & discussions of (virtually) any nature. And keep it clean.

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