Results of New Builds on Ardmore

By Dave Fratello | October 11th, 2019

For a street that winds its way all through town, it seems like Ardmore has fewer homes and home sales than some other streets.

And because it can be a trafficky street, Ardmore doesn't always get the love. New construction seems rare.

But exceptions prove the rule.

910 28th Street Manhattan Beach CA910 28th St. has just sold. It's new construction on Ardmore, at the corner with 28th St.

The 5br/6ba, 5035 sqft. home first came to market in April before the city had approved its address change, so we first saw it as 2722 N. Ardmore.

Thinking big, the sellers initially priced it near $1,000/PSF at $4.999M.

That had dropped by $400K by July, when the address changed and the listing re-booted all fresh with 0 DOM.

The ultimate sale price: $4.125M (-$874K / -17% from start).

All along, they must have been thinking of the most recent, glorious big new home on Ardmore that had commanded a king's ransom.

2900 Ardmore Avenue Manhattan Beach CAThat was 2900 Ardmore (5br/7ba, 4475 sqft.), a very special, custom, modern interpretation of a "farm house" style that was a clear crowd-pleaser. (If you click that link, you can access all of the photos and listing details on our MLS platform.)

The home was on a nearly double-wide lot, sporting 7500 sqft.

By contrast, 910 28th is a larger home (over 5K) but on a smaller lot (5K).

2900 Ardmore had sold way-way-back in January 2016 for $4.375M, just about $125K under asking.

So perhaps at 2722 Ardmore/910 28th, they were imagining that the larger home plus rising prices since 2016 would translate to a greater number for the newest home.

But they got less.

Well, again, the farmhouse was incredibly stylish. (We raved a bit in our description in this Nov. 2015 weekend post.)

The newer 28th St. home was good. (Click here to see all the photos via our MLS platform.)

Now, just across the street from 910 28th, there's a flat plot of land.

It's 2800 N. Ardmore, officially, and until recently hosted a 1275 sqft. cottage.

The 6000 sqft. lot sold in January for $2.150M, and is being prepped for a new build.

Eventually, there will be two 2019/2020 builds right across from each other on these two comparable corner lots. We'll just have to see how they price the latest.

We were going to stay focused on the Tree Section, but then recalled that way down at the other end of Ardmore, there was another notable new sale.

304 N Ardmore Avenue Manhattan Beach CA304 N. Ardmore (5br/6ba, 6350 sqft.) had really had a run.

Or maybe we should call it a slow walk. (Ah, memories of the MB10K.)

The new home first hit the market in May 2017.

Don't worry, we've done the math for you: That was nearly 2 1/2 years ago.

It took not one, two or three agents, but four to finally sell the house.

In between, it was staged, unstaged, cleaned, not, and at some point, almost looked to be left for dead.

Multiple foreclosure-related threats brought the property to the radar of savvy buyers who inquired about maybe stealing it.

Alas, while the ambitions for this home weren't quite realized (start price: $7.750M), it wasn't exactly given away in the end.

The sale price last week: $6.650M.


UPDATE: After we first posted this info, we were reminded that there's one more property on Ardmore that sold recently.

501 N 18th Street Manhattan Beach CA501 18th (5br/8ba, 6125 sqft.) is a new construx ultramodern home with views over the greenbelt, and of the Badminton Club. It's on market asking $7.150M.

As a lot, it sold twice.

First, listed as a 7546 sqft. lot, it sold for $2.225M in Oct. 2014.

Next, as a 6688 sqft. lot, it sold for $2.450M with plans in Sept. 2016.

(The discrepancy in lot square footage involved a city easement across the front of the home.)



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