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We sometimes joke and wonder aloud about the odd association Manhattan Beach has developed with rolling things down hills.

The first, biggest and most famous of those local inventions is clearly the Pinewood Derby. It will be celebrated Monday (Memorial Day) with a special event: the Community Pinewood Derby near downtown at Joslyn Center from 10am-4pm.

That's right, you don't have to be any kind of scout, formally, to make a car and race it. If you're here, go go go! (For more, see DigMB's news story about the event and/or see the city's page of info.)

What a great little town!

Now, if you're thinking of moving here, or moving within the city, you're going to want to see what homes are on the market. That's our job here at MBC.

Our video…

Last week we shared our new Sand Section area tour on video.

Now let's take a look at the relatively small, but pricey, Hill Section.

Inventory of homes for sale in the Hill Section is low today, as it often is. (See active homes at the bottom of this post.) But there are several recent sales and new escrows in the $6M-$7M range and up.

For instance, new construction at 304 N. Ardmore (5br/6ba, 6350 sqft.) was listed at $7.199M, and found a buyer this week. Also, new construction down low near downtown at 524 11th (6br/7ba, 6250 sqft.) sold before completion and just posted at $7.307M.

Please enjoy our new video! (Email subscribers may need to click this link to view the video on YouTube.)


Hill Section Homes for Sale

Here's an…

Maybe you've heard that old put-down: "There's no life east of Sepulveda."

In Manhattan Beach, that means, roughly: the beach is cool, and the suburbs are boring.

A third of Manhattan Beach residents live east of Sepulveda, and might resent and argue the point. But that's for another day.

Here's the emerging new question: How'd you like to live on Sepulveda itself?

Today, there are no residential addresses on Sepulveda Blvd. for the whole 2-mile stretch of Manhattan Beach.

But that could change if a new process working its way through the city gains traction. There's a public hearing Wednesday evening to discuss a major zoning change that would open the door. (Get more info on the hearing at the bottom of this post.)

One proposed zoning…

This is one of those weekends where you can choose the free open houses, the paid open houses or both.

Of course, the "paid open houses" are part of the Sophisticated Snoop tour running 10am-4pm each weekend day.

For more info (including details on the Tree Section home pictured here, which is on the tour), see the Snoop website.

As to "free" open houses, we've got 34 of those.

A couple of our favorites from the broker tour Friday are only featured in our video, not publicly open, including 2413 Palm and 545 23rd. We also feature 1547 21st, 81 Morningside (back on market after a recent closed sale), 1713 Pacific, 541 2nd and more:

Email subscribers and some mobile users will need to use this link to view the video.

To plan your…

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