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As Summer winds down and kids get ready to go back to school, we're seeing closings all over town among the early-Summer sales.

In our market updates, we like to take a look at notable sales from the period, so here we go, after a disclaimer.


PLEASE NOTE: Below, we discuss listings from the Manhattan Beach market, listed and brokered by a variety of agents and firms. The name of the listing broker and agent for each property, along with any contact information supplied through the MLS, is displayed with each property. Blog author Dave Fratello of Edge Real Estate Agency is not the listing agent or buyer's agent unless so stated with the listing. Click on any property address or photo to open a new page

Hoo boy, the Hill Section. We can go weeks without a new listing, there might only be 20 sales all year, and then one day: Boom!

There are suddenly 3 new listings in the Hill Section totaling $38.6M in asking prices. One (featured first below) is brand new and wide open for open houses all weekend, so check that out.

Open house times are listed below, but you can also click "Open Houses" at the top of our site, which displays all the Manhattan Beach open houses. There are also links right at the top to Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach opens.


PLEASE NOTE: Below, we present listings new to the Manhattan Beach market this week, via the MLS. They are listed and brokered by a variety of agents and firms. The

The market was moving so fast, with so little inventory, back in February this year, that we saw a recent record low for "months of supply." (See our post from then, "Months of Supply Craters at 15-Year Low.")

The measure "months of supply" takes into account the pace and number of homes going into escrow, and estimates how long it would take to sell every listing on the market.

Now, with a slight drop in the pace of new deals, and a gentle increase in inventory, we're seeing the arc reverse, and "months of supply" increasing.

It's all relative, though, as we'll show.

Our first chart here shows you a month-by-month snapshot of the data over 14 months, as the supply figure dipped to near-nothing at year-end 2021, then ran up through the end of…

Just like you, we get all kinds of email property updates from searches that we've set up in the past.

Manhattan Beach, of course. But also Redondo, Palos Verdes, even some inland areas (perish the thought!).

It seems like this week, they're chock full of price cuts.

Cut, cut, cut, cut, new listing, cut, cut, cut, new, cut, cut.

But we're not really tracking Yorba Linda or PV here. This is a Manhattan Beach blog.

We checked, and the current 23 listings in Manhattan Beach with a price cut make up 36% of the inventory (63 listings).

In late July 2019, in a market that was clearly cooling, 49% of inventory had cuts.

In late July 2021, roughly one year ago, 34% of inventory had cuts. (See our "Tale of Two Markets" post from last

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