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If you do nothing else real estate-wise this weekend, watch our new listings video (a bit further below).

The first 2 listings featured are extraordinary with a capital X (er, no, capital E) and not open to the public: 233 S. Meadows ($8.399M) and 814 Pacific (wow!), asking a measly $22.500M.


The latter of those two is a Hill Section estate for the ages, spanning 2-3 lots (unofficially, it's closer to 23,000 sqft., half an acre!), a place truly big enough to where you can talk about the "grounds." Heck, if it weren't so hilly, they could hold a polo match in the backyard. We're happy to link you to the official property website with more photos & details: (Warning: Extensive drone video... consider dramamine before

599 35th Street Manhattan Beach CAWith the sale of 599 35th in the Tree Section, we have our first winner in MB Confidential's "Bet the House" contest.

This stylish 3br remodel listed on Jan. 11 asking $2.495M.

Then, in our first "Bet the House" post, we asked you:

1. How many Days on Market will the listing rack up while listed for sale?

2. How many (if any) price cuts will be made before the home is sold (or goes off market)?

3. What will the home actually close for (sale price), if it sells?

In the end, 599 35th went into escrow at 13 DOM, and sold for $2.400M. It made no price cuts during its brief time on market.

Now, when it went into escrow, the agent used the "Active Under Contract" status instead of "Pending" status. This required us to clarify contest…

A newly remodeled home at 3408 Poinsettia hit the market Thursday, and got us thinking again about an issue facing buyers and sellers in MB.

3408 N Poinsettia Avenue Manhattan Beach CAThe last major building cycles in Manhattan Beach (1990s and especially 2000s) left us with a series of Mediterranean style homes all over town.

Problem: They way they were built then is not the style of today.

So if you've got one, what are you going to do? If you're selling one, that question is especially pertinent.

Remodeled versions of Mediterraneans like 3408 Poinsettia are emerging all over MB, some with homeowners doing the work for themselves, and others prepping for market.

The basic goal behind an overhaul is to brighten the home up, pulling away from features that now date the homes and…

For parts of every year since 2012, you've seen 1410 N. Ardmore on the market in Manhattan Beach in some form.

1410 N Ardmore Avenue Manhattan Beach CAWith its recent sale (just last week) at $1.565M, we now can try to capture some of the story behind it.

But let's first start at the end. That's a good purchase price for a 4br/3ba, 1600 sqft. house right near downtown on a lot that's a bit over 4000 sqft.

In fact, when advising a potential buyer for this property way-back-when (Dec. 2015), we gamed it out to be worth $1.600M... if the situation were normal. Which it wasn't back then.

One data point in support of a $1.6M-ish price would be the corner lot nearby at 1400 Ardmore, same size, which sold for $1.596M in Oct. 2013. The local market had risen since then, making an interior

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