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We're only sitting on 38 active listings here in MB as Summer approaches, but it still feels like a minor flood.

There are 8 brand-new listings in our post here, plus two more than just returned from brief time off market. The Sand Section is heavy with new options.

See links and details below, and click any address link to view all photos and property details. Listings appearing here come from the whole MB market and may or may not be represented by MB Confidential author Dave Fratello and Edge.

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Sand Section

2400 Alma Avenue Manhattan Beach CA2400

It's a little slice of throwback Manhattan Beach, right on the edge of downtown.

1504 Highland Avenue Manhattan Beach CAAnd now, the A-frame at 1504 Highland is sold.

Time to start some new history.

You'll recall from last month when we went on a bit of a flight of fancy about the home. (See "Selling History at the A-Frame.")

The 1960s house (3br/3ba, 1675 sqft.) has views of the pier, ocean and our annual holiday fireworks.

For a big, older house without much insulation and big windows, we were also glad to find that the home has air conditioning. That snug little room at the peak could be a hot box, otherwise.

They brought this home out at $2.599M, and while many of us may have liked to make it home, only one party could.

The home sold slightly over asking at $2.625M.

Moms. Where would we be without them?

Literally, nowhere. But really, day-to-day... nowhere.

It's hard to say why anyone would sign up for the job, which can be exhausting and thankless.

Maybe, just maybe, once in a while, you're going to get a little reflection of love back, and see some of the reasons that keep moms going. You'll see a kid smile, learn to swim, read a book to themselves, block a goal attempt, overpower batters, be a kind mentor, go on a first date, go to college, zipline, bring friends home to meet you, really sit down and talk... OK, maybe it isn't always thankless.

Moms, we appreciate you, more than just one day. Let's hope you feel that on your special day Sunday.

In real estate news, this week it sure seems like a…

When the local real estate market is as tight as it is now, sometimes it can seem like there's only one place to shop: Off market.

This Spring, your loyal force of local realtors has been doing a lot of that off-market shopping. We're all kinda getting tired of hearing the same things from everyone:

Do you have an X, or a Y? I've got buyers ready to go, preapproved and ready yesterday.

It's a lot of asking, a certain amount of showing, the occasional offer and, once in a while, a sale.

Quite recently, a cluster of off-market sales posted:

577 31st Street Manhattan Beach CA577 31st (5br/6ba, 4288 sqft.) is one of the amazing ones, just due to its history.

This 2019-built home literally ran 2 years on the market between its first day in the MLS (March 13, 2019) and its…

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