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There are going to be times when homes get sold despite the fact that someone's living there, planning to stay, but not really in control of the situation.

A common word for a person in this situation would be "tenant."

A lease gives a person (or family) the right of possession of a property, but obviously not ownership. If the owner wishes to sell, everyone is going to have to just work it out. (A lease survives a sale, and might complicate the sale by making a home less attractive to a buyer.)

Dave's got one of those situations brewing now with a South Bay-area listing. There's a discussion with the tenant, who finds the sale unwelcome, but what can you do? You have to try to work it out.

Now, on the MLS, we're seeing another kind of…

We begin the year with a modest 10 more active listings on the market in Manhattan Beach than we saw last year at this time.

It's more, but not drastically so at this time.

We also wondered... how many listings showing up recently are retreads of last year's listings, just coming back? And here at the mid-month point, the answer is: Not many (yet).

Of the last 20 listings to hit the market, 14 are truly new. (Some actually came out in December.)

There will be canceled/withdrawn listings from 2016 coming back by February or so. Last year, inventory sloped upward constantly till mid-April. We'll watch this trend with graphs and charts as it takes shape.

Let's look at some early-2017 sales from our first spreadsheets of this new year.

716 The Strand Manhattan Beach CAThe

When the rains wash through, the views in Manhattan Beach only get better.


As we go to press here Saturday, inventory is only at 70 listings, same as on Jan. 1, but it sure feels like there has been a steady drumbeat of new listings since the first of the year.

That shows in this weekend's new set of open houses: up to 29 listings this week, already. By the time true real estate "Spring" has broken out, look for 40-50 open houses per weekend soon enough. (Is that a prediction, Dave?) 

Our video this week features two hot properties that are not publicly open: 100 Manhattan Ave., an unbelievably glamorous new modern with high ceilings and great views (not on the MLS), plus 1240 5th, which is on the MLS but not opening up to the public. We also

Looking at houses, data, market tracking... it's all interesting and fun (in addition to serious business), but how knowledgeable are you, really?

Let's find out.

"Bet the House" is MB Confidential's new real estate contest designed for everyone to test their knowledge of the Manhattan Beach real estate market.

Each week, we will feature a new listing in a blog post. You'll be able to review the home yourself, look at the pictures, take into consideration the location and all other factors, then make your best educated guesses of:

1. How many Days on Market will the listing rack up while listed for sale?

2. How many (if any) price cuts will be made before the home is sold (or goes off market)?

3. What will the home actually close for

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