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It's been years and years now since the World Famous Pumpkin Race moved from East Manhattan obscurity to downtown MB and sparked something like a nationwide (well, worldwide, right?) phenomenon.

And MBC was there way-back-when, cheering for the first-ever downtown races in October 2007. (See "A New, Unique MB Event.") We were there in 2009 after the city cut off funding and threatened the downtown event's future, cheering as the races morphed into a charitable event and became a fixture. Heck, the pumpkins were running long before the now-far-bigger Friendship Walk began to take over downtown the same Sunday each year.

This year, our sister site shared the news that the pumpkin race now features an autism advocacy angle, aiming to "Make

People want to sell their homes. They know the Manhattan Beach market has been white-hot for as long as anyone can remember. (Well, 3-4 years, but how long can you remember?)

So they try for the most money they can. And then reality intervenes.

Here's more proof that the market in general, and 2016's market, in particular, doesn't look like those go-go days when you could simply name a number and people would be lining up at the door to offer more.

This list of recent sales with notable price cuts simply comes from sales so far in the month of October:

933 9th Street Manhattan Beach CA933 9th (4br/3ba, 3950 sqft.) is a Hill Section home on a big (7500 sqft.) downsloping lot that was built in the 1980s.

There have been updates since, with a glam polished-stone floor,…

Our MB Market Updates have been a popular feature here at MB Confidential since the early days (ca. 2007!), and even more so since we upgraded the spreadsheets to the new online format in 2013.

(Do any of you remember the handmade Excel sheets, presented as PDFs with all kinds of notes in the file? Yep, us too.)

Anyway, the reason to reference this now is that we've slightly moved the Market Updates. Everything is now under the "DATA" tab at the top of the page. You'll see a dropdown menu when hovering over the word DATA on a desktop computer or tablet, or you can access the DATA menu on mobile by clicking the menu icon (three lines).

We've also got lots more hiding in that "DATA" dropdown menu:

  • Inventory Trends – links to our most…

Gas up the car if you're going out this weekend to see open houses: There are 48 of them this week, the highest total we've counted here.

1701 Oak Avenue Manhattan Beach CAOn inventory of 103 as of Saturday morning, that's quite nearly half the active listings opening their doors to people like you this weekend. It reflects the feeling sellers have that this is the time to sell this year, if you're going to.

We hope you'll stop by Dave's open house Sunday at 1701 Oak (pictured) on Sunday 2-4pm.

It's a bit improved since the Summer's brief listing, and still a compelling value west of Sepulveda at $2.300M. (Our other Tree Section listing at 2512 Pacific has gotten great reception, but is not publicly open, so please contact Dave or your agent for a showing.)

Our video this week…

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