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Spring is finally springing!

It could be a beach day Sunday. Or you can still go skiing.

Or you can just try to get around town dodging butterflies. (Painted Ladies, they're called.)

Our video this week features 10 of the latest listings in Manhattan Beach, including 300 28th, 577 31st and 2300 Manhattan Ave.:

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To plan your open-house tours for this week, use MB Confidential's online list of Manhattan Beach open houses (it's mobile-friendly!). Our open house link always appears in our weekly wrapups and on the main front page, under "Open Houses."

Below, click any address link to view all photos and property details. And don't forget, when…

As the Spring real estate market takes shape, the Tree Section is leaping to the forefront as the busiest part of town.

On Friday morning, there were 19 pending escrows in the Tree Section, the most of any region of Manhattan Beach.

In all of East Manhattan, there are only 14 pending sales.

The Sand Section (16) and Hill Section (3) combine to match the number of deals going in the Tree Section alone.

Things were different one year ago.

As of our March 15, 2018, market update, pending sales broke out this way:

Tree Section: 10

Sand Section: 19

Hill Section: 5

East MB: 12

We're aware of one more Tree Section deal that will go pending shortly, which will put the Tree Section at 20, fully double last year's pace at the same time

We saw a few higher-priced listings take cuts recently, and got to thinking: How common is that?

It's only March, early in the season. What's with the cutting, so soon?

Those big cuts we noted:

1721 Elm Avenue Manhattan Beach CA1721 Elm (5br/5ba, 4250 sqft.) is an oversized Tree Section Mediterranean that hit the market in mid-January, after some off-market promotion late last year.

Apparently not gaining traction, they cut $500K suddenly on Sunday to $3.000M.

A quick 14% chop like that is a bit stunning. It's the highest cut, percentage-wise, among those we've seen recently, and ties for the biggest drop from start.

3211 Poinsettia (5br/4ba, 5500 sqft.) is a much-oversized Tree Section home on a 9200+ sqft. lot.

The sprawling, custom 1980s build has some upgrades,…

We enter the weekend with 106 active listings and half of them (53) open to the public this weekend.

Call it Fat Saturday and Sunday, just a few days after Fat Tuesday.

There's something for everyone here, with 14 listings under $2M and 22 over $3M that will be opening their doors.

We'd love to see you at our new listing at 508 Larsson, a large custom pool home in the Hill Section, open both Fat Days from 1-4pm. (If you missed our 2104 Poinsettia last weekend, that's too bad, as we have already put it under contract with multiple offers.)

Or if you're just looking for a simple Tree Section house under $2M, suddenly you have 3 new options this weekend. (We'll pick a favorite: 1212 Elm, both the nicest and least pricey of the new crop at $1.799M

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