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Our newest video builds on themes from our most recent MB Market Update post, and adds some on-the-ground details from recent transactions. Enjoy!

We hope you'll watch, but here are a few quick takeaways:

- Homes definitely seem to be selling for less now than they would have early this year.

- All 5 of our most recent listings and offers for clients have involved multiple offers (2 or 3).

- Transactions are tense, and buyers are sometimes trying to exercise leverage midstream.

- The market is slower, but sales are happening.

The best advice we have today:

1) Sellers: Price carefully. There are buyers out there, but they're not going to be patient with a listing that seems too expensive for what it is.

2) Limited

Lighter open-house offerings this weekend as November rolls along...

Get used to a slower flow of new offerings, but always keep eyes open for opportunities!

If someone is listing now, they probably mean to sell, and know the market conditions.

Open house times are listed below, but you can also click "Open Houses" at the top of our site, which displays all the Manhattan Beach open houses. There are also links right at the top to Hermosa Beach and Redondo Beach opens.


PLEASE NOTE: Below, we present listings new to the Manhattan Beach market this week, via the MLS. They are listed and brokered by a variety of agents and firms. The name of the listing broker and agent for each property, along with any

The 2br "court homes" in Manhattan Village, behind the gates, are one kind of entry-level property in Manhattan Beach.

So it's notable when yet another new high hits, as has just occurred.

A remodeled Plan 1 unit at 4 Bermuda Ct. (2br/2ba, 1465 sqft.) has now closed for $1.385M, besting the record for this popular floorplan by $26K.

(Property was listed by Tony Barberi of Vista Sotheby’s International Realty.)

The unit had first listed closer to $1.500M, beginning at $1.495M in June.

This $1.385M sale was $86K (+6.6%) above the Dec. 2021 acquisition price of $1.299M

After that purchase 11 months ago, the owners redid flooring and railings, and added a couple of points of style, but by and large the home today is in the same…

Ooooooooh scary.

What, Halloween? No, that's passed.

It's the vibe, as the calendar flips to November.

Many Novembers.

Most particularly, in the Fall of 2016, 2017 and 2019, among the most recent years, various factors emerged in the market to give buyers pause. Some spoke darkly of an imminent reversal in prices, and declared themselves to be buyers only when they might see a deal. (Spoiler: The local real estate market was normal or better-than-normal the next year, each time.)

You hear that mood out there now, too.

You'll hear very level-headed people say, hey, the market rose 30% in 2 years, some of that wasn't real, and must be given back. They're philosophically certain of it.

There's a rational basis for it, too. Rates…

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