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We just might get that "Summer market" we were talking about recently.

In just a 2-week period, we've seen inventory jump by 50%.

Fifty percent, folks!

It's almost like buyers at all price ranges have options, all of a sudden.

Oh yeah yeah, in our report below, it's only a jump from 36 listings in mid-May to 54 at month's end (and 58 as of Friday morning), but you gotta count your blessings sometimes.

Heck, there are 22 new listings within just the past 7 days. You can't fail to notice that.

Also, at the Edge office right now, we have another option for buyers that isn't even on the MLS, an SFR around $2.5M that shows Fri. & Sat. only. (If you haven't seen other promotions for it, contact Dave directly.)

We looked at pending…

A few things are beyond dispute.

Manhattan Beach is a great place to live.

Manhattan Beach's public schools are top-performing.

Manhattan Beach's schools are a big draw for people looking to move here.

Manhattan Beach's home prices are far above neighboring areas, up to 25-35% more for comparable product.

And... to tie it all together, there is a relationship between the attractiveness of Manhattan Beach as a great place to live, its great schools and its high home prices.

This brings us to Measure A, a parcel tax of $1,095/yr. that's on the June 7 ballot.

Due to the odd way that California finances education, only local parcel taxes like Measure A provide 100% local funds. (Our income taxes and local property taxes flow to…

Fewer listings tend to debut on Memorial Day weekend, and even fewer than normal seem to be open.

But what we lack in quantity we can make up for in quality. Oh my. Check out that first listing at 308 The Strand. At $36M, it's the highest asking price ever for a public listing in Manhattan Beach. For reasons.

See all links and details below, and click any address link to view all photos and property details. Listings appearing here come from the whole MB market and may or may not be represented by MB Confidential author Dave Fratello and Edge.

Open house times are listed below, but you can also click "Open Houses" at the top of our site, which displays all the Manhattan Beach open houses. There are also links right at the top to Hermosa Beach and

State data show that the total value of real estate in Manhattan Beach has risen dramatically in recent years.

Dating back to the rough start of the current (ongoing) rally in local home prices, the assessed value of properties in Manhattan Beach has risen 65%.

For the 2013-14 tax year, Manhattan Beach properties (all types & locations) were assessed at a total value of $14.12 billion.

Eight years later, for 2021-22, Manhattan Beach values hit $22.19 billion, a jump of $8.07 billion.

To be clear, this includes residential properties as well as commercial properties, although of course here at MBC, we focus on residential real estate.

One might say, well, a rising tide lifts all boats. Manhattan Beach is gaining in property values just…

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