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1000-the-strand-manhattan-beachFor more than 18 months since the sale of 1000 The Strand, we've passed the dated, multi-family property near the pier wondering, "When are they going to do something with that?"

Today the answer comes: Now.

Oh, great! What are they going to do with it?

They're going to try to resell it.

Talk about an anticlimax.

For a quick refresher, 1000 The Strand is a ~5000 sqft. lot in view of the pier, obviously super-close to downtown and the beach. City records date the structure to 1922, though some buildings may have been added as recently as 40-50 years ago.

That lot size is basically 150% of the standard for The Strand, so, along with the prime location, this one offers the chance to do more than almost anyone else can do with a new build on…

It's almost the end of Ski Week, and you're not supposed to be here reading this. (Heck, we rushed back soon after snapping this photo.)

But if you are around, there are more and more interesting listings new this week for public tours than last week, which was heavy with land-value sales.

And next week, watch out!

Inventory as of Saturday morning is at 98, so we'll go ahead and predict that Manhattan Beach inventory exceeds 100 by midweek.

Our video this week features new construction at 861 8th, a modern TH at 113 El Porto #2, and more in the Tree Section:

Some email subscribers and mobile users will need to use this link to view the video.

To plan your open-house tours for this week, use MB Confidential's online list of

Sometimes, for no particular reason, one street gets hot.

About a year ago, we noted the unusually high proportion of recent sales on Pine Ave. in the Tree Section. (The post was the 3/15/18 MB Market Update, but the whole first section is all about Pine Pine Pine.) At the time there were 14 recent listings and sales on Pine.

We bring you now to Ardmore, which cuts through MB along the greenbelt.

Why should there be a notable kick of activity on Ardmore, when it's just one side of the street? (Valley Drive hosts the addresses on the other side of the greenbelt.)

The real estate gods don't answer questions like this for us, they just present the questions.

2800 N Ardmore Avenue Manhattan Beach CAThis year, you could argue that 2800 Ardmore began to focus attention on the road.

February is a time for listings, not closings. Current data underscore that fact.

There were only 5 closings in the first half of February. Could sound scary, until you realize there were only 7 in the same period in both 2017 and 2018.

Why's that? Because an early-February closing was probably a deal made during Christmastime or early in January. Those are rare times of year for real estate activity.

And while inventory is up this year over last (91 vs. 75 at mid-February 2018), it's actually lower than 2017 (93), which turned out to be quite the go-go year.

As luck would have it, Dave had the last closing of January in Manhattan Beach and one of the first of February. (1642 2nd and 18 Sausalito.) We also had a Manhattan Beach client close

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